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Genetic diagnosis Pre implatation – PGD PGS


Reproductive Medicine - Gynecology – Urology


Reproductive Medicine – Gynecology – Urology

Pre implatation – PGD PGS

For several decades, we have been asked: why having transferred normal morphology embryo, assisted reproductive treatments fail? Just recently, the cause for such failure was found to be related with the embryo genetics. With current reproductive genetics we have now the possibility to evaluate the embryo from day three of development, allowing us to know, not only that we are transferring a genetic-alterations-free embryo but also to increase the pregnancy probability on the first attempt. PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) is indicated in 37+ year old women, in patients with history of recurrent implantation failure, in couples with recurrent pregnancy loss, habitual abortion, and in cases of male infertility.

Some couples have inherited diseases which generates fear of passing such diseases to their child; PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) allows us to diagnose over 345 inherited diseases, 318 recessive autonomic diseases, 27 chromosome X-linked diseases, ensuring the transfer of a healthy embryo.

This technique allows Vita to diagnose diseases in all the embryos intended to be transferred and, by doing so, ensuring better implantation rates and genetic disease-free babies.